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Smoking Cessation Service - Chequerfield Pharmacy, Pontefract

Trying to quit your smoking habit doesn’t need to be done alone. Help is important to keep you on track to ensure you achieve your goal of being smoke-free. As part of the NHS Public Health initiative, the smoking cessation service is a free support platform for those who are finally ready to quit.


Why smoking cessation support is important:


Those attempting to stop smoking may use self-control and determination to cut down. This sometimes alone may not be enough to stop altogether as cravings will slowly start to set in as nicotine withdrawal can be difficult to manage. Don’t give up! You can help us use that restraint and willpower to quit smoking.


If you are quitting smoking due to health concerns, then you may already know the risks that are associated with the chemicals and nicotine found inside them. Some of the more dangerous and life-threatening illness and diseases that can be caused by smoking includes:

  • Several cancers, notably lung cancer, oesophageal cancer and mouth cancer
  • Cardiovascular issues like heart disease and heart attacks
  • Increases in strokes
  • Damage to blood circulation
  • Impotence

If you are pregnant, then smoking can lead to:

  • Miscarriage
  • Stillbirth
  • Your baby being born underweight

Not only does smoking affect the individual, but second-hand smoke can also harm your family or friends. The likelihood of developing dangerous cancers and heart attacks increases by roughly 25% in those exposed to daily smoking inhalation. Children and teenagers are more susceptible to developing respiratory issues like asthma and meningitis if they are exposed daily.


Advice and support available at Chequerfield Pharmacy, Pontefract:


Our professional pharmacists can sign you up for the smoking cessation service and provide you with impartial advice and support.

  • Access to comprehensive, 1 to 1 support with a qualified stop smoking adviser
  • Access to a group environment if you prefer to share with those in a similar situation to you
  • Access to nicotine replacement therapy, available on prescription
  • Advice on the best technique to get the most out of your product
  • Phone and E-mail support if you need someone to talk to

We provide smoking cessation services to any patients who want it; For more information on the smoking cessation service or the stop smoking service, visit Chequerfield Pharmacy, Pontefract or call on 01977 797391.

Elaine Sutton
Elaine Sutton
Very friendly staff. Good service. Easy to get appointment for flu vaccine
Went for flu jab ,good service
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Ashley Tatana
Staff are always friendly. They remember your name (to me makes me feel valued). They are always very kind and understanding. They are a credit to the local community!
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Carol Trueman
Excellent service! Staff are amazing.
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Barbara Burden
A lot better than friarwood pharmacy for service.
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Paul Johnston
Simply cannot express my gratitude for this place and the staff that work here. It’s such a friendly place, the staff are always eager to help and go above and beyond for you. It’s always nice to be greeted with a friendly smile but in these testing times it seems so much more important. Iv collected my mother’s prescriptions from here for a while now after moving from another pharmacy and they’re always ready promptly without any trouble, it’s always nice to have a chat and feel like a valued customer, great work team. And thank you for all your hard work it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed in the community.
Great service when I visited this week. The team were very efficient and professional. They also had very good covid safety practices in place that where being adhered to. This made me feel really at ease. Thank you